WAO Host | Still Webbing Africa!

WAO Host (Pty) Ltd is a registered Website Development and Hosting Company based in Johannesburg. We provide professional Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Hosting Services in South Africa and across the globe. WAO Host combines state of the art web technologies with its dedicated developers to provide you with excellent web design and hosting solutions.

Our Main Specialty Include:

Web Development
Website maintenance
Web Hosting
Search Engine Optimisation
Web Development
E-Mail Hosting
Logo Designing
E-Mail Marketing
Cooperate Branding
Google Adwords and Bulk SMS. We also do Business Plans and Profiles


WAO Host excels in providing quality services and valuable experiences for clients; we focus on analyzing the needs of clients and businesses to create solutions for them. We take each project and handle it through a different approach with creativity and passion because we conduct research for the client’s brand and products before starting the design pattern. At  WAO Host, we do not only focus on creating something that looks great, but that delivers results for you as well so you get the best of both worlds.

Our influential work is recognized nationwide for its unique and powerful web solutions. The creativity that we put into our designs forms a distinct image of your brand so we help you stand out from your competitors and create sites that are effective in the process of marketing. WAO Host is trusted by many companies who are also doing well in their industries, we have been reliable and delivered the best for years.

We add the depth and visibility that your brand needs, to be distinct from its competitors with all the uniqueness and creativity we put in every work we handle.